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Monday, September 28, 2009

XS650 Cross Chop Part III

Here's another update from the vaults of Kustom Painting.

Last time, I sprayed the flakes in lots of layers of clear. It has had some time to dry/cure and today it's time for the black and white stripes.

I start by scuffing the paint with a scotchbrite pad.

Then I make up the layout with tape and lots of careful measuring. It's a bitch, trying to lay out straight lines on a tank with this much curves.
The white cardboard marks where the saddle is going to be. After checking whether the looks are allright, I mask the parts that are to stay yellow.

Now I wipe everything with a mild degreaser and a tack rag, to get rid of any dust particles. Next, I spray two coats of white.
Then I mask off the white pinstripes with 3mm tape and spray the insides of the stripes black.

Then I take off all the tape, correct any paint bleed-throughs and it's ready for more clearcoats. Next time, I'll finish the edges and the underside of the tank and fender and paint a black & white circle around the fillerneck and in the middle of the fender.

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