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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Flaking of Rob's bagger is finished.
Experimenting with Vreeble to go over gold flakes.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Flaking the Bagger

Rob's bagger is undergoing the Kustombart treatment.
After welding some holes in the fenders from the access trim and lights and fixing some holes in the 'glass bags, I got to flaking.

First an orangey-gold base kolor.
Then 4 layers of Metalflake Micro Gold flakes.
Now wait for it to dry and add some more clear.
I only flaked certain parts of the tins, cause the rest will be black. The panels will be gold flake with black Vreeble on top!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Strip her down naked and bring her to me...

While Tjeerd is in Japan visiting the Yokohama Hotrod show (again), chopping still goes on in the Kustom Korner.

Stripping Rob's bagger for paint and some small modifications.
Tjeerd already put on some fishtail pipes for a mock-up. We also stripped all the extra lights and a lot of chrome to get a cleaner look. The cardboard seat pan was my idea, it will extend all the way up to the cover over the fuel cap. Of course, Marcel from Miller Kustom Upholstery will make the actual seat cover.

After stripping, the thing look like a wet cat, all skin & bones.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Take a look...

at some of my past projects on the renewed Kustombart website!

Like the Tiki Wagon:

Special Paint projects like the graffiti bike:

The Color Climax tank:
And Flames:

See you there!

Tatra on the Road again....

...well, on a trailer, anyway.

How to get a 1500kg car without wheels to a place almost 100kms down the road? Get some I-beams, some sturdy blocks of wood and a jack and lift her up!
Then put a trailer under it and drive it away. Look how it dwarfs the other traffic! A majestic machine.
It was delivered to the another workshop, where it be put together.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sort it out...

Three years ago I pulled my Tatra 603 apart to fix the failing gearbox, clutch, brakes, shock absorbers and several bearings. Since then, the shell of the car and lots of boxes of parts have been gathering dust as the project slowed to a halt. Now it's time to get things going again.

This is how it has been standing for a long time.

I stacked parts inside so I cleaned out the interior to see if I could find all the parts back.

I sat in the front seat, remembering driving the thing in 2008 to the Hotrod Hayride with friends... Good times...

Now here's the stack-o'-parts I found, minus the gearbox, wheels and engine.
This winter, it has to be put back together and fitted with airride. Hopefully, I'll be cruising next spring! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just finished...

...and mounted by Willem "Stimpie" on his Triumph:
which is not finished yet but this is a preview.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Night Driving

Kustom Korner Hotdogs & Beer Party

Yesterday was a great day. We had great weather, it was 24 degrees, which must be some kind of meteorological record for oktober 1st. It felt like summer and hotdogs & beer only enheanced the buzz.

It was time to show the latest Short-Cut chopper with Kustombart paint. And here it is:
Isn't she lovely?

I was there with the last public outing of the Green Machine.
There's quite a collection of interesting bikes gathering at the Kustom Korner.
I was trying to shift some car goodies and a helmet, a vinyl van mural and a few books now have new homes.

I am also selling every Metalflake Kolor available now, 27 different kinds!
Some visitors from Germany, showing off their Ledsleds. I took a close look at the Caddie's airride system. Thanks for coming over, guys!
Here's the newly installed Tiki Bar for Short-Cut Choppers. It was a gift from Kieft & Klok Vintage VW's.
And The Ledsled part of the shop.

A little display of paintwork from me.

Thanks everybody for coming and making it a great day. See you next time!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Green Machine is sold. It's being picked up on monday so I'll have to enjoy it doubletime this weekend! Really mixed feelings, sad to see it go but glad to go on with a new project.

Have a good weekend. I know I will!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Paint in the Works

I've been working on two paintjobs lately. One for Tjeerd and another XS650.
I painted the tins a Honda metallic black with a gold shine. The panels feature a gold pearl basecoat, lightly dusted with a green pearl, covered by a 50-50 mixture of Kelly Green and Gold Metalfale Glowble flakes.
I painted the Short-Cut logo in Seagreen Kandy, outlined by the same pearl gold I used under the flakes. The panels were also outlined in gold.
Then I shaded the outlines and logo, to get more depth and contrast.

Now I have to polish it and the bike will be ready for the Hotdog and Beer party, oktober 1st at the Kustom Korner, come check it out!

I have also been busy with a Triumph. The owner modified the tank and built the ass part from scratch. The paint was inspired upon a Triumph record breaker called "The devil's Arrow". 

I promised the owner not to reveal too much of the paintjob but it has a very fine silver metallic base, with a custom-mixed Kandy red (brick red with some gold). It has scallops and they will be finished with a black outline and a satin gloss topcoat.

That's al for now, dont forget the Hotdog & Beer party next saturday!