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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Revenge of the Haunted House

Here's another update on the haunted house.
Last ime, I started the side panels by taping cracks in the ground. This week, I continued by putting in some detail with a custom-made template (piece of cardboard I cut with scissors).
I then used white and pearl white to make it look like there is a glowing light coming from inside the cracks. I'll have to go over that with yellow, orange and red kandies to make it look like lava. My apprentice Martijn finished the night sky and added a glow over the mountains.

I forgot to bring all my Kandy kolors so the lava will have to be finished next week.
I then turned my attention to the center section, designing an impossible staircase, like the one MC Escher drew.
Here's my version (or the rough outlines, anyway).
We also mounted one of the top panels, to see if the eye was lining up with the piramid. It was, and I finished the cloud around the eye. Next week, I'll paint lightning, coming out of the cloud and do outlines and sahding on the stairs, dooropenings, windows, etc.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Say Cheese!

It's great to see your van appear on the web!
Here's a few I collected last year:
 Pic by El Cheapo at the Motorama show, last november.
Unknown photographer (or I forgot) also at the Motorama show. Let me know if this is your pic!
Pic by VonGerman (Custompixel) at the Bottrop Kustom Kulture show, june 2010.
Picture from Vans & Trucks magazine, 1984. That's how it looked 26 years ago!
And here's how it looks today, pic by Floris Velthuis.

Also, check the pic of the Green Machine on the left of this page. It leads to all posts about the Green Machine on this blog sofar!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Arty Farty

In the dark building where my workshop is located, my van was fotographed using a long shuttertime and someone dancing around the van with a light in his hand. It resulted in this cool effect.
Photographer unknown, pics sent by Zino.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An eye for an eye.

Some more airbrushing today.

I started by taping off an area in the night sky. It will become the centre of the design, right above the piramid. I will paint an eye, right in the iris is a hole, behind that is a smoke machine, special effects!

Drew an outline on the tape and cut that part out, then started with light green.
I used dark green to create some shadows.
Then I taped that shut and opened up the eyeball, to paint that with pearl white, followed by kandy yellow and some transparant black, for shading. Next I'll use inca gold kandy for the middle.
Using transparant black I sprayed some lines.
pulling the tape and adding some more black.
Using a fine brush, I painted the teeth...
Then I shade them with black, taped off the entire eye and with a light grey, added some shine.

The eye is the centre of a thunder cloud, but I can only finish that when the top part is mounted again.
It will appear right above the piramid in the centre.
Next job is to finish the side panels, which feature a desert with cracks in the earth, showing lava glowing underneath. I finished taping one side, next time I'll tape up the other side and start painting again.
Trouble is, I've got other work to do, as well. So I won't be able to continue for 1,5 weeks.

Until then, See ya.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Return of the Haunted House

Hi kids! Good to see you tuned in for another episode of: Mural Magic!

Since last episode, a lot has been done. Airbrushing the night sky:

Doing some measuring and perspective checking in tape before laying it down in paint:
Lots of work but I'll soldier on...
Had some help today from Martijn, who wants to be my apprentice. He did good today
and I think I can use him for a couple of weeks. Till next time, Cheerio!