Suck Squeeze Bang Blow


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

El Disastro flakes.

Yesterday I left the Puch frame and cockpit in tape and late in the night I thought about some final alterations in the detail of the design. This morning I changed those details and went a-flakin'.

First I sprayed the exposed areas in a coarse silver metallic and peeled off the tape.
Then everything got some coats of clear with Metalflake Microglow silver mixed in. Followed by some heavy coats of clear.

Next week, I will sand and add more coats of clear, with some of this Aztec Gold original seventies Candy Concentrate from my secret stash.

Spraying the transparant candy will make a bright gold on the silver groundcoat and a darker, richer gold on the black groundcoat.

For now: happy holidays and I'll be back in the shop monday the 28th. See you there!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

El Disastro Taping session

Hey you, don't watch that!
Watch this!

Spent the day taping the Puch frame. I already did some sketches last night but the final design always emerges when I'm taping the real thing. It needs to flow with many details in the frame.

The black I sprayed yesterday is dry and I start by taping off the stuff I want to keep black.
Then I start taping the design. First I do the bits I am already sure of, like the tank.
Then I get into the vibe of the design and I do the cockpit. I try a little something on the back of the frame that will flow with the shapes of the frame and the bits I taped off earlier.
Here's the other side. It's not the same as the right side and I am not sure about the part near the footpeg.
I will leave that for tomorrow. And then the flaking will start. The parts I taped off wil stay black and the rest will be sprayed silver. Then I will take off the tape and spray the whole thing in silver flakes. Over that some Gold Kandy and lots of clear of course.

Until next time: stay cool.

Monday, December 21, 2009

El disastro paint prep.

Last week the Puch frame was primered. Today was spent sanding and filling.
After that I painted it black.
The black base kolor will serve as a base for a panel design and two-tone gold flakes.
It will ROCK!
Stay tuned for more this week!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Innocenti end & El Disastro beginning

Today I wanted to finish the Innocenti. All there was left to paint was the lower part, in satin black.
So I gift/wrapped the whole thing. But I couldn´t find a ribbon.
I sprayed the satin black and proceeded to magically split my paintbooth in two...
Closing the wall so the car can dry and I can still paint the El Disastro Puch in primer.
This is the result after the car was unwrapped.
And this is the Puch frame in primer.

Next week it´s flakey-flakey-time.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

New project: El Disastro.

Next project after the Innocenti will be something special. The guys over at Puch Shop Racing ( (Sorry folks, only in Dutch and German)) are building a demo bike from an old 50cc moped.

They plan to go racing with it and are currently building and testing a 50cc engine that will have to get the bike to 115km/h! Rather them than me! But I do like to have gotten the opportunity to paint it.

Plans are to paint the frame in 2-tone gold flakes with cherry red outlines and wheels.
Next week, sanding and filling (will it never end?) and hopefully some flakes and kolor before X-mas!

Have a good one.