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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

El Disastro Taping session

Hey you, don't watch that!
Watch this!

Spent the day taping the Puch frame. I already did some sketches last night but the final design always emerges when I'm taping the real thing. It needs to flow with many details in the frame.

The black I sprayed yesterday is dry and I start by taping off the stuff I want to keep black.
Then I start taping the design. First I do the bits I am already sure of, like the tank.
Then I get into the vibe of the design and I do the cockpit. I try a little something on the back of the frame that will flow with the shapes of the frame and the bits I taped off earlier.
Here's the other side. It's not the same as the right side and I am not sure about the part near the footpeg.
I will leave that for tomorrow. And then the flaking will start. The parts I taped off wil stay black and the rest will be sprayed silver. Then I will take off the tape and spray the whole thing in silver flakes. Over that some Gold Kandy and lots of clear of course.

Until next time: stay cool.

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