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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Choppa Time! At The ShortCut Shop

Left to right: Quanjers project XS650, Tjebbe's Honda Four (exciting!) and Tjeerd's XS650 Big Bore Bobber. The tins from the Bobber are currently in my workshop, undergoing Bondo Plastic Surgery. Flakes 'n Paint will follow.

Marcel from Miller Kustom Upholstery will do the seat.
That's a rear wheel in a wide front fork, fat Carlisle tyres and a bodacious choice for a tank. It's really narrow and bent like a banana. Stay tuned to see what happens to these tins!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Aircooled Playmobil

Mr Shige of Moon Japan:
Mr Goshu:
Dyno Don, the announcer at the original Bugin:

European Bugin a great success again

Back from Belgium after a long weekend of aircooled fun.

I drove to Belgium together with Michiel of VWMK2 and his lowered Jetta. It turned out a little too low for belgian roads but we made it in the end.

I had a little corner of my own in between the traders. The tent behind me was occupied by Kieft and Klok, T2D and VWMK2.
Right in front of me was the dragstrip.

To my left were CSP with a really clean razor-edge.
To my right, Flat Four with a super rare drag car from Mr Komori's private collection.

You gotta love Metalflake in the sun...

Big tire bus.

I heart Baja bugs.
This Tempo was unearthed by Kieft en Klok a few years ago, now a cool show-machine.

Seventies cool...

Krazy Unknown Kitcars:

Dutch Hotrod Bug:
Chopped Porsche, how cool is that?

I had a great time, thanks to everyone who made it great!

For more pics (not mine) check this out: