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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kustom Korner

As you may know, I'm about to start a new adventure in Kustomland. It's a collaboration between bike builder Short-Cut, Ledsled Customs and myself. I have been really busy getting the showroom ready for the opening on sunday, august 28th. Here's an impression.

It started off as an empty part of the Short-Cut showroom.

I laid some checkered vinyl on the floor, put in a nice sofa and chairs, some used racks etc. All in red, black and white with 50's styling cues.

Next, I started building a counter, cause we couldn't find any nice ones that fit the needs of the shop for sale anywhere. I made a rough sketch and took some measurements.
I started by building a wooden frame.
 The I made the top, painted it balck and upholstered the sides with red velvet fabric. I mounted chrome tubing around the edge, to get a 50s diner look.
It turned out really good. The whole shop has got the right atmos. Now it's up to the owner of Ledsled europe to dress the shop further and we're opening on august 28th!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've been busy with paper, glue and scissors. Update: these are all gone!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Invitation to the opening of a new Kustom Shop in the Netherlands

On Sunday, august 28th a new shop will be opened in Ede, The Netherlands. This shop is a collaboration between Short Cut Choppers, Ledsled Customs and Kustombart.
In this shop you will find many things concerning Kustoms, Choppers, en Vintage-style clothing, magazines and accessories.

Short-Cut Choppers customizes motorcycles and supplies parts for choppers such as tanks, handlebars, fenders, tyres, exhausts, shocks, etc. Short-Cut is a dealer of W&W cycles, Highway Hawk and Mooneyes. They also do custom work such as frame modifications, wiring, welding and fabrication.

Ledsled Customs is a new name in Europe and supplies chopper parts of Ledsled USA, who specialize in custom parts for Harley Davidson Sportsters. Apart from bolt-on goodies, they also have hardtail kits, for example. Ledsled also sells clothing of Ledsled USA, Sinner Supply, Vivianne of Holloway and Iron Fist and accessores from Grants Pomade, Mr Ducktail, London and The Great Frog, London. Also for sale are these magazines: Dice Magazine, Greasy Culture, Inked, Back Street Heroes, Sideburn and Milkcow.

Kustombart will supply you with a Show-winning Kustom Paintjob. Kustombart is specialized in Period-Perfect Paint with a contemporary twist and will cover your vehicle in Flakes, Candies, Pearl Paint, Goldleaf, Flames, Scallops, Panels, Murals or lettering.

In short: everything you need concerning Kustom Kulture is under one roof, centrally located in the Netherlands in the picturesque town of Ede!

We invite you to join us for the opening of this shop on Sunday august 28, from 14.00 h at the Hoorn 7a in Ede. Bring your Chopper, Bobber, Tracker, Kustom Car or Van!

Please let us know in advance whether you will attend and how many people you bring with you. Do this by email ( please.

Greetings and see you august 28th,

Monday, August 1, 2011

Green Machine pics (again)

I was approached by Arnhem-based photographer Rob Kater to do a fotoshoot with the Green Machine. Here's a taste:

Nice, huh?