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Monday, September 26, 2011

Paint in the Works

I've been working on two paintjobs lately. One for Tjeerd and another XS650.
I painted the tins a Honda metallic black with a gold shine. The panels feature a gold pearl basecoat, lightly dusted with a green pearl, covered by a 50-50 mixture of Kelly Green and Gold Metalfale Glowble flakes.
I painted the Short-Cut logo in Seagreen Kandy, outlined by the same pearl gold I used under the flakes. The panels were also outlined in gold.
Then I shaded the outlines and logo, to get more depth and contrast.

Now I have to polish it and the bike will be ready for the Hotdog and Beer party, oktober 1st at the Kustom Korner, come check it out!

I have also been busy with a Triumph. The owner modified the tank and built the ass part from scratch. The paint was inspired upon a Triumph record breaker called "The devil's Arrow". 

I promised the owner not to reveal too much of the paintjob but it has a very fine silver metallic base, with a custom-mixed Kandy red (brick red with some gold). It has scallops and they will be finished with a black outline and a satin gloss topcoat.

That's al for now, dont forget the Hotdog & Beer party next saturday!

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  1. DAMN!!!! Can't wait to put it on the bike, man! it's looking fuckin awesome!!!