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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New start for Kustombart

G'day mates!

Today is a great day for science. My new secret laboratory is finally finished so I can start my plans for world domination. Let me show you around.

This is the paint section. It's big enough for a yank-tank or even a Van. Sliding doors close it off from the rest of the lab, to keep out the dirt and to keep in the toxic fumes.

Inside the paint section is a smaller paint booth. I mostly paint motorcycle parts which don't take up much space. This way, I only have a small space to heat and keep clean. The wall with the door in it can be folded away to make room for a car or van.

This is the inside of the paintbooth. The ventilation unit is on the ceiling, as well as a few strong lights. You are looking at my mixing table where I can mix up and spray all kinds of poisons.

This is the rest of the lab. The sliding doors take you outside. On the right you can see my welding table and in the corner, behind the moveable wall, I do my filling and sanding. This way, I can at least try to keep the dust in one place.

Today, I start the first project in my new lab. Stay tuned for more!

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