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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preparing the Cross-Chop Paintjob.

Finally: the first paintjob in my new lab! It’s a Yamaha 650 Cross Chop. For the builder and more details on this bike, check out

Tjeerd from Short-Cut choppers and I have discussed the design of the paintjob long and hard. In the end, we decided to use the Yamaha Cross colours; yellow, white and black. With a twist, of course, we can’t go without Metalflake! This is a colour sample I made in Photoshop.

We played around with some tape before we dismantled the tank and fender.

The tank is from a Union moped and very old, scratched and damaged. Besides that, the filler-neck has been moved and the rear fender was modified using grinder and welder.

Before I start sanding and filling, I grind off any sharp edges. Paint tends to creep away from sharp edges and you can hurt yourself.

After that I clean up the welds so primer and filler stick to the surface better.

I have been working for two hours now and everything is ready for a first layer of filler.

The first layer has been sanded and I marked the spots that need more filler.

After two more layers and a lot of sanding the parts are ready for primer. Another three hours have passed...

It took me an hour to spray one layer of primer and two layers of spray-filler. No wit takes some time to dry. Some sanding on Monday and then: Flakes.

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