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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yamaha Cross Chop Paintjob Part Deux

Yesterday I spent some more time on Tjeerd's tins.

They came out of the booth looking quite straight but, as always, when you start block sanding, some low spots and imperfections will appear.
When you want to get your tins really straight and smooth, forget power tools for this last step.

We are dealing with fractions of a millimetre and power tools take away too much material in a very short time. You need some straight surface to wrap your sanding paper around. You can use a piece of soft wood or you can go to your automotive paintshop and buy some special tools for it. They are just wooden planks with a thin rubber surface and they have handles on top for more grip.
After some sanding, I marked off the last low spots. They will be filled and sanded again.

Finally, after two layers of filler and some more sanding, they are straight and ready for some magic paint! This session took me four hours and left me tired, thirsty and dusty.Tune in next time when I lay on some flakes!

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  1. Flakes, everyday one good reason to come out of bed.

    Good luck Bart, nice reading you!