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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Keep on truckin'

I want to introduce you all to my latest passion: Vans. They 're making a comeback and I can see from first hand experience why.

I bought this 80's survivor a few months ago:
It was built in the early 80's by some guy in the US with all the period goodies like Thrush sidepipes, front airdam, fender flares, Keystone Klassic wheels, custom grille, Doug Thorley headers, CB-radio, television, complete custom whorehouse interior and many more too-cool-for-school items. It was pinstriped by Herb Martinez at Hermosa Beach, California in 1983. Here you can see the oktober 1984 issue of Vans & Trucks magazine which features this car.
It toured the show-circuit and was then stored for almost 20 years in a museum. Last year it was sold at an auction and brought to the Netherlands by Perry's Hotrod Shop in Eindhoven. That's where I bought it. I have since driven it all around the country and to the Hotrod Hayride and it's a joy to drive. I'll keep you posted on developments as I plan to change some things and spice up the paintwork in the near future.

Until then: Keep on truckin'!

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  1. aaaarghhh.....nare herinneringen komen weer boven.Eighties,...kevers met "portholes en ketting sturen"