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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Hero

This week I rolled the Green Machine into my workshop to prepare it for the Rockin' Jalopy show (21 november at Autotron Rosmalen). It needs some touch-up work on the paint, a new clearcoat on the top (california sunburn) and I will add some special paint.

On the last trip I noticed that the heater wasn't working. I soon dicovered that the heater control valve was pretty rusty. I looked up some parts websites but a replacement was expensive; around 250 euros! It's just a valve with two pipes attached so I decided to try to repair it. I visited a friend to ask for advice. He looked at the part and dug up a very similar looking one from his collection of parts. He wishes to remain anonymous but thanks, M! I have a working heater now, it just gets better and better with my van!

After that, I painted and striped the headlight for the Cross Chop and did some polishing on the tank and fender. It's ready to go!

Next time I will add some more colour to the blue sportster, see ya!

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