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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hotrod Hayride 2010 part three: The Oval track

After seeing all the good stuff on the meeting grounds and campsite, on saturday morning we were off to the racetrack. It was a 45 minute drive over rough roads. My van is american and it doesn't like bumps or curves.

It rides on the bump-stops at the front and those rubber blocks can only absorb a certain amount of suspension travel, resulting in suspension arms hitting the chassis with a loud metallic sound at frequent intervals. That and the fact that the rear springs have sagged to the point that a turn to the right or small bump or hole will cause the fat rubber to come in contact with the left rear wheel arch didn't make it an enjoyable ride.

Once there, it was worth it though.
We arrived in time to see the Vintage F1 stockcars go round.
Some of these cars were raced in the 50s, some are reproduced. Some drivers are vintage too, in their 70s and still racing. The guy in the pink car was one. He started at the back of the pack every time but finished first every time.
Some hotrods were raced as well.
This strange shape was a heavily modified Ford coupe. Widened, with rear deck shortened and nose stretched, I liked its strangeness.
Motorcycles came out to play. Unfortunately, the quickest had a flat tyre and the second had engine problems.
This guy came all the way from Switzerland to race his stock car. Nice car, too.
The pits were on the dust in the parking lot. Which most of these guys must be used to.
Old car, knackered metal.
Tuning car with precision tools.
At the parking, we ogled some more beauties.
Sometimes the right wheels and stance are enough: 70s Vauxhall coupe.
Pro street, street legal. The police never find it as funny as you do.
Imagine driving that to the shops. "Excuse me, could you pull your child's scarf out of my blower, please?"
Real custom pickup. Needs minor bodywork and a decent paintjob and we have a winner!

It's not a real pretty example but you don't see many of these early Dodges anywhere in Europe. We need to bring the Vans to the Street, man! Right on!

'Till next time, be like the Fonz.

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