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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hotrod Hayride 2010 part four: Return to the Showgrounds

Meanwhile, back at the showgrounds....

Someone was revving his Jag engined dragster...
See a video of that here:
Another very cool 'flaked methanol injected nostalgia dragster, originally built in 1969. Crazy Chris started it up after dark and the pretty flames and noise were quite spectacular.
He has a killer combo going with his spaced out support vehicle! See some history about this great racing team here.
More racers, really like the log. It's better than bad, it's good!
After all the racing action, it's time to tell you about the greatest non car related attraction at the show: The Trench Experience!
It's Eddie's World War I museum & education center. Run by the great Eddie.
Eddie serves free Douwe Egberts coffee, which attracted us to his abode again and again. He also plays WW1 music, movies and sells antique books and militaria.
Because of Eddie's unrelenting hospitality and good coffee, we decided to take our food to his place and have breakfast there.
Cheers Eddie! See you next year!
Back outside, we took in some more rods.
A clean station wagon.
And yes, motorcycles, too.
Nice XS650 rolling project for sale:
Pretty boardtracker:
Not entirely period pre '65 but one of my favourites:
And my favourite rod there. This one is made by Mark Brazier-Jones, apparantly a well known artist. He built a great original with huge wheels and I read somewhere he drove it to China, hero!
On such a long journey you might get bored so there is in-car-entertainment, oldschool style!
The end is near and I'll leave you with a few night-shots. Crappy pics but I'm trying to get the atmos across. You know.
Hotrod Hayride and Executioners CC get a big thumbs up from Kustombart!
See you there, next year!

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