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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jetlag & Thinner...

combine to confuse me this week. I'm fighting off waves of tiredness while I'm trying to focus on getting things done.

I did finish my KDF helmet today. It took a while to dry after 20 layers of clear were needed to bury those Monster Roth flakes. I applied the KDF logo and a mattblack outlined stripe.
Meanwhile, I started another demo project, using the sportster tank with the many buried paintjobs (see paint archeology) and my new cobbweb trick-paint.

Mixing up some very fine silver metallic with Mint Green Kandy & white pearl-powder:
Then adding some layers of that same Mint Green Kandy, mixed in with transparant basecoat:
 Next spraying some of that magic cobbweb stuff.
It's a really cool effect but very strange stuff. It's like cotton candy and it takes a lot of layers of clear to bury...
After those layers of clear, sanding and taping off the design. I decided to go for panels, keeping that 70s vibe alive.
Then some black.
Next week more sanding and then silver leaf outlines.

After that I really have to get a move on. Lot's of stuff waiting to be painted, like a Hawaii-style WLA, Seventies HD Flake &Scallops frame, tank and fenders for a cool chopper, etc. etc.

Now I have to prepare for the Rogues Chopper Show, next sunday. Hope to meet you there.

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