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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paint archeology.

Sometimes when I start to sand away layers of paint to prepare a tank for new kolors, I stumble upon hidden treasure.

I traded this sportster  a long time ago to use as a demonstration piece for some of my special paint skills. It was blue and had some paint damage. I stabbed at it with a putty knife and the blue layer came off.

Then came the kandy red. You can see it in the picture. Transparant Kandy red with a gold base underneath. Under that, a grey primer/sealer and under that a yellow spray filler.

Sanding further down through the layers, going back in time... And suddenly....
What's this?!? Looks like flakes and fades? Better slow down the sanding! I cleaned off half the tank to reveal this masterpeice:
It even shines a little when you wipe it with cleaner.

Unfortunately ther is some major damage at the front. Showing yet another layer of blue (probably the factory paint).
So I decided to paint over it again and bury this ancient mid seventies paintjob for future generations.
If you want to save this paintjob (talking to you, Tjebbe) better call me quick, because tomorrow, I'm covering it with primer!

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