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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

70s scallops in blue.

Today I started taping the design on the fenders & tank to match the frame I did earlier.
The customer wants a 70s bike with scallops, which at first seemed a little strange to me because scallops is really a 50s thing. I decided to update it by incorporating the scallops in panels, making it period perfect with the light blue Kandy Kolor.

I always make my final design in tape on the tins themselves. It just works out better that way.

Sometimes it takes a few tries and a lot of headscratching...

But finally, I have it all figured out.
I have to match the kolor on the frame and although I wrote down the recipe, it still isn't easy. After the main kolor was on, I used a smaller paintgun to add the fades in a darker blue.

Then comes the best bit: pulling the tape. There's always some rough edges where thinner creeps under the tape. It seems unavoidable when you spray as many layers of kandy as is needed for something like this. No matter, it will be covered by the outline later.

It came out really nice. Next time I'll add the white outlines and then it's almost finished.

See you next time!


  1. Bart for president, dit is helemaal top!!!! Ben benieuwd naar het totaalplaatje van die fiets.