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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Mother of all Murals.

I've been doing murals now and again for some years but this one takes the cake for sheer size. It's a new assignment: painting a haunted house fairground attraction.
This is how it has looked since it was built in 1973:

It's not REALLY scary, more like Disney-scary. It was built by some guy on a truck-trailer, using a steel frame with aluminium panels pop-riveted to it. Over the years, the paint has faded and cracked and some pieces of the frame have rusted away. So when current owner Reymond of Circus Remundo bought it, it was time for a restauration.

I got carte blanche on the design (whoopee!) and started pouring some of my dark fantasies into sketches. It turned out part Escher, part Dali and part Kustombart. I got the go-ahead and after ordering massive amounts of primer, filler, basecoat and clear, I started today by spraying primer on some of the pieces. I tinted the primer so it will act as a base-kolor onto which I can spray details.
That's me, spraying primer on a scary, twisted ladder. You can get an idea of the humungosity of the thing. The picture was taken by Reymond, standing halfway along the length of the thing and right now the top part is removed so it fits into the hangar!

Tomorrow I'll continue with the primers, hopefully laying down all of the base kolors, after that, I'l start on the details. I'll keep yous-all posted.

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