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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vans 'R Us

I did some mechanical work on the Green Machine.
There was a big trail of oil under the car. Everything behind the engine was covered in oil. I traced it back to a leaking intake manifold gasket. So I ordered a new set and got to work taking everything apart.

The engine in the van is located between the front seats so acces from under the hood is very limited. If you take away the engine cover in the interior, you can sort of reach everything on the block. You have to be careful not to get the oily bits on the upholstery and your working position is very awkward at times.

You drape your body on the front seat and try to get at the engine, lifting a very heavy cast iron intake manifold off, revealing the camshaft....
I cleaned everything and put in the new gaskets. Then I turned my attention to the front. The things that you can reach there include the radiator, power steering pump, battery and master brake cilinder. That last item was leaking brake fluid. Can't be good for safety, folks!
I disconnected it and took it out. There was a lot of gunk inside and the piston was corroded badly. Time for a new one.
After putting that in I tried to bleed the system but I broke off the bleeder valve at the rear wheel cilinder, Hoover damn! So, again, I got on the phone with C&P parts and ordered some new ones. After seeing the state of the master brake cilinder, I decided to order some new calipers for the front brakes as well. They probably have been standing still with the same brake fluid for 20-something years so better to be safe than sorry.

While I wait for the new parts I will add some special paint on the sides. I made some sketches a few weeks ago in photoshop.
The bands will be Metalflake with a fade from dark to light and back to dark green. It will be bitchin'.

So I moved the giant dinosaur into my new paintbooth. I had to move back the folding wall and it took a while, maneuvering back and forth, but it's in! I will start preparing the bodywork for paint and hope to put on some flakes very soon.
Join us next time for some magical flake dust!

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