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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bagger paint

After playing with the Vreeble, me and Rob weren't really happy with the results on the bike tins so we decided to go in another direction. I will leave the gold flakes panels as they are now and instead of painting the rest black (which is sooo 2011), I wanted to try brown. It's the new black, you know.
It's a BMW kolor called Marakesh Brown. It looks a chocolate brown until the light hits it and it turns to a karamel hue.

Instead of painting HD logos or using stickers, we ordered some metal emblems from W&W cycles. They fit the style of the paintwork very well. I plan to do off-white outlines on the panels, and I will match the kolor to that used on the emblems.
Unfortunately, the emblems are made for a much rounder tank, so they don't fit. The pointed ends are resting on the tank's surface and the middle is still 1-2 cms away.

I predict some grinding in the near future.

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