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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Help Wanted

My Tatra 603 has been sitting idle for almost two years now. I took apart the gearbox and I haven't got the tools or time to put it back together.

It's very similar to a VW box. It also has the engine behind the rear wheels and swingaxles connected to the box.
I have all the parts needed to put it back together but it needs adjustment of the diff and outgoing axle. If I can't put it back together I'll have to sell this car eventually.

I need someone who has the tools and skills to put it back together. Will pay or swap for paintjob! Please help!

Here's a short film of my first drive after restoring brakes & sorting out electrics:

Listen to that V8 go! Help me get this thing back on the road!


  1. Is wery nice automobile. Saw one in movie where it was being driven through the narrow streets in pursuit of the film's hero. A single central headlamp pierced the fog in the narrow streets. What was that film?